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Kit car frames

Today's kit car builders have a plethora of choices in chassis and running gear. Most Cobra clones have ladder frames mounting Mustang, Jag, or Corvette suspension, while the sturdy Fiero still provides underpinnings for most mid-engined exotic replicas. Super Se7en-style kits use neatly triangulated space frames to mount sophisticated suspension systems.

There are even fabricated aluminum and steel monocoque chassis for everything from GT replicas to snake skins. But it wasn't always so. In the '50s few of the available kits had their own dedicated chassis. Most early kit bodies mounted on production car chassis that had been modified for kit use. There were only a handful of manufacturers who sold chassis for use under kit cars.

Most relied on Ford sedan straight-axle suspension front and rear. Here's a look to help you determine what underpinnings are keeping your beloved Whatzit off the ground. Kurtis Frank Kurtis had been building winning Indy cars in his California garage when he first took notice of the fledgling kit car industry. The cut-down Ford chassis were nothing to write home about, so Kurtis decided to build a chassis kit that could be ordered in various wheelbases to fit different kit bodywork.

For inspiration he adapted his Indy car chassis as used under Billy Vukovich's Indy winner to two-seat configuration and called the new chassis model the KK.

kit car frames

The round-tube frame was a simple ladder affair with a large X-beam in the middle and low sides. The torsion bar suspension was patterned after his Indy cars and featured torsion bar springing fore and aft locating straight axles. The frames were made from 0. Bare frames weighed in at just less than pounds. The rolling chassis, less body and engine, was around pounds.

The front suspension mounted the torsion bar on top in a trailing configuration with a lower trailing radius arm, while leading links were used in back to provide a long spring base. The torsion bars were adjustable for quick changes in ride height and suspension tuning, and an adjustable-ratio Ford steering box was hooked to a custom pitman arm and drag link arrangement.

Sway bars were used front and rear. Most had drum brakes, although some Kurtis racing sports cars were fitted with erratic Halibrand spot disc brakes. These chassis were used under many period bodies, including Allied, Sorrell, Byers, Glasspar, Woodill, and others.If you are a person who plans to use your car for more than an occasional open-track day, then this chassis kit was designed for you. Challenge cars have left the pits and headed for the starting grid literally thousands of times since No other replica can even come close to the racing hours and track wins of the FFR Challenge car design.

Jim is an accomplished pro roadracer in his own right, and has earned countless race wins in almost 15 years of competitive driving.

Factory Five Racing

The differences in the frame and the tremendous amount of additional tubing mean that street car features like doors that are hinged have been replaced by NASCAR style side impact tubes. Frame mods accommodate mounting and shielding of the racing fuel cell, intrusion plates and racing seats.

Most of the additional steel is for safety, rather than chassis rigidity.

kit car frames

There is no backbone section to the frame, but the full race cage contributes more than that in added rigidity. Additionally, the fact that the cage is welded along with the frame means that the body needs to be cut along a line from the rear cockpit opening to the back of the roll bar legs.

We send along a carbon fiber cosmetic cover for this area. The FFR 3-link suspension is the most optimized race suspension we sell, and Challenge frames come ready to use that suspension.

Chassis Kits

Owing to the increased amount of steel in the Challenge car chassis, completed vehicles typically weigh around lbs more than standard roadsters. Our welded parts are made in the USA with American labor.

The Challenge car chassis is built on the strong foundation of our world class Mk4 frame. Connected to that beautiful tube steel frame is an array of aluminum panels bonded and riveted in place like any good race car should be. Underneath our hand-laid fiberglass composite body are almost 40 individual aluminum panels attached to the Factory Five Mk4 spaceframe. The entire cockpit, trunk and engine bay of the Factory Five Mk4 is precision laser-cut T6 aluminum, without any fiberglass structural items.

The Goblin

Underneath these aluminum panels, a matrix of steel tubing provides support surfaces for a close, tight-fitting installation. Why T6 aluminum? Conventional series aluminum is easier to bend and form, but not as strong in tension.

We invested in learning how to correctly form the T6 to get the benefit of increased strength for the same weight. The strong foundation of our world-class frame combined with our aluminum chassis panels bonded and riveted to it represents just one of the major design and functional differences between the Mk4 and almost every other replica sold today.

The strong foundation of our world-class frame combined with our aluminum chassis panels bonded and riveted to perimeter frame tubing represents just one of the major design and functional differences between the Mk4 and almost every other replica sold today.

The composite body is a one-piece, hand-laid vinylester part that is engineered to complement the strong steel and aluminum chassis, which provides structural support. The hood, doors and trunk have molded liners and come complete with hinges and pre-drilled mounting holes. The composite body is shipped pre-assembled to the frame. The parts are unfinished requiring bodywork. Panels are CNC router trimmed. The strong Challenge chassis is complemented by an outstanding and proven suspension and the ability to use a wide array of excellent brake packages.

Suspension design and engineering is an extremely challenging endeavor. The only way to prove it is at a track and under the most extreme circumstances over many, many years. Up front, the Factory Five Racing Challenge kit comes with a fully independent tubular front suspension with unequal length upper and lower a-arms and high-end Koni brand single-adjustable coil-over shocks say that three times.

Our car has earned huge praise and recognition for its suspension which delivers razor sharp handling and a comfortable ride. Unlike the Mk4 kit whereby customers can use the front lower control arms from the Ford Mustang, the challenge kit includes the optional tubular lower control arm. The front suspension components are well engineered and bolt-on with ease. For brakes the world is your oyster. The Challenge kit is set-up to utilize the 3-link suspension.

The 3-link suspension is a great example of how racing and product development go hand-in-hand. After the inaugural season racing our Challenge Series cars in the Mid-Atlantic and West Coast series inwe found the standard four link suspensions had a tendency to oversteer similar to Mustangs when pushed to ten-tenths competitive driving. Our engineers began working with customers, racers, and the team at the Bondurant School to develop a more neutral, racer-friendly suspension.Display Options.

Already know the part number you need? Click here to enter them directly into your cart. If you are an international customer who ships to a US address choose "United States delivery" and we will estimate your ship dates accordingly.

If you are an international customer and would like to change the currency that prices are displayed in, you can do so here. What is this? Loading Today Estimated International Date Loading Today. DD, Each. Shock, Series, Monotube, Front, Each. Drop, Each. Traction Bars, Universal, 28 in.

Length, Steel, Yellow, Pair. Lowering Spring, Rear, Black, 2 in. Drop, lbs. Shock, Series, Monotube, Low Price Guarantee. We're so confident in our low prices, we offer a Beat-a-Price Guarantee: We'll beat our competitors' advertised prices on any identical, in-stock product proof of advertised price required! Vertical Navigation Horizontal Navigation. Search Within Results. Narrow Your Results. Loading, Please Wait I am in the United States.

International Customer Options. Delivery Options If you are an international customer who ships to a US address choose "United States delivery" and we will estimate your ship dates accordingly. International delivery. United States delivery. We stock a huge assortment of shocks, struts, and coil and leaf springs, so whether you want a smooth street ride, responsive race handling, or rugged off-road control, you can get it here.

Full Tube Chassis Kits

We have complete lowering kits for a road-hugging sport stance, and lift kits to accommodate massive tires and greater suspension travel. Summit also has steering components, sway bars, frame rails and connectors, tie rods, wheelie bars, and wheel tubs, plus engine, transmission, and suspension mounts and bushings.

Featured Brands. Recent Vehicles. Refine results by: Current Vehicle Recent Vehicles.Meets SFI spec NOTE — assembling a drag race vehicle from a blue print is not for beginners and should only be attempted by a skilled and experienced fabricator.

Meets SFI spec for altereds 6. All chrome-moly cut bent. Jig welded front axle. Strange aluminum rear housing with chrome moly brackets. Rear housing mounts. Water jet cut Chevy mid plate. Water jet cut Chevy front motor plate blanks. Motor plate mounting brackets. Jig welded swing arm upper tubes with 8 chrome moly rod ends. Anti roll bar, housing links. Altered blue print.

NOTE — assembling a drag race vehicle form a blue print is not for beginners and should only be attempted by a skilled and experienced fabricator. Includes assembly blueprint. Accepts SW 4-link rear suspension system and Strange strut front suspension — not included, sold separately. Includes all tubing cut bent. Perfect for nostalgia dragster racing. Meets SFI spec 2.

Kit includes all chrome moly tubing, cut, bent and notched where possible. Aluminum front motor plate blanks.

kit car frames

Anti-rotation device. Blue print. Home Full Tube Chassis Kits Full tube chassis kits for door cars, dragsters, altereds, and funny cars. Add to Wishlist.Your cart is empty. Browse by category Select your category then choose the setup that best fits your needs. If you want the best aftermarket chassis on the market then take an. For questions call or email us. Fully fabricated frame and tons of suspensions options available.

Lower stance, Stronger frame, better suspension with tons of options and suspensions available. SRG has more options and suspension systems available than anyone! Any frame shown is also available as just a subframe. If your building a Protouring Vette you gotta have this under your ride. More options than anyone! Also for Ford Truck.

Mopar Plymouth Dodge Chrysler Chassis. Whatever your needs are when it comes to an aftermarket custom chassis or suspension system we can fulfill your needs at SRG. These are the same IFS systems we use in our full frames. Many options available. These are the same IFS systems we use on our full frames.

These are the same IFS suspensions we use in our full frames. We promised 1st quarter for the new IRS and we just made it.

Ready to take orders now. Pro Touring stance and Corvette Handling in a bolt on package. If you have a 67,68 or 69 Camaro or Firebird we have a subframe that will fit your car and driving style. Put Z06 Corvette Suspension under the front of youor Chevy Car with this easy to install subframe.

Front Cradle assembly to bolt in C4 Corvette Suspesnion components into. Cutting and Welding Required. Bolt C5 Corvette components to this bad boy and sit your body on it. Make your old truck drive like a vette Mods will be required to floor as well as torque tube will need to be lengthened. If your building a Pro Touring Second Gen Camaro then this subframe will give the start and foundation you need.

If your wanting to upgrade your Vette Chassis to make it handle and drive like a new Corvette then give us a call today to discuss the available options. Same IFS as used on our full frames. Note: Image may not be exact part. These are the same IFS systems we install in our full frames. Many options avaialble. Email Address: News Letter.

Displaying products 1 - 29 of 29 results. Show: 30 60 90 Powered by Network Solutions Online Store.After years of fabricating chassis for customers in-house we have developed our rolling chassis kit packages. You get the chassis of your choice - Eliminator I; Eliminator II; Nostalgia; Roadster or Avenger - with the matched components you need to assemble a winning race car.

Additionally, every package includes a motor plate; mid-plate; transmission-mount bracket; two driveshaft loops; gas and brake pedals; master-cylinder mount; dual battery boxes; multicolored blueprints and detailed directions. Any rolling-chassis package can be optionally configured to fit your exact requirements. Options include your choice of front and rear suspensions, plus upgrades to higher-performance parts.

All specifications and prices listed throughout the website and linked documents are subject to change. Browse Categories. Rolling Chassis Kit Packages After years of fabricating chassis for customers in-house we have developed our rolling chassis kit packages. Products ship as unassembled kits. Please call for complete details and prices. System Guides. Tech Center. Contact Us.

NUTS!! KROWRX X-Tegra - (Track) One Take

Press Releases. ORDER: TECH: New Parts. Custom Part Worksheets. Login Your Account Shopping Cart 0.Have the same craftsmen who build our record setting Championship race cars build the chassis for your car.

Each RJ chassis is fabricated by skilled craftsmen and heli-arc tig welded on a surface plate jig to achieve maximum precision and quality. Our unwelded chassis kits come complete with a parts list, serial numbered CAD booklet, numbered tubing some tubes have been pre-bent and several brackets, including 4-Link brackets.

When buying an RJ Chromoly Chassis, you will be receiving the best quality available anywhere in the sport. We have gone through a lot of effort to make sure that building your car from one of our kits is as hassle free as possible, allowing you to enjoy a race car built by you sooner than you expected. Should you encounter any snags during your building, our expert staff is ready to give you any assistance they can.

You won't find a more thought out chassis kit anywhere! Each tube is numbered and referenced on all views to ensure as little confusion as possible during the building process. In order to provide you with the best chassis available, all dimensions were taken from cars being built on our surface plate jig. The tubing in the kit is cut a little long to allow for minor adjustments during the build and notching. Welded Sportsman Chassis. Unwelded Sportsman Chassis Kit.

Welded Pro Stock Chassis. Unwelded Pro Stock Chassis Kit. Welded Unwelded

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